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Lisa Kiely, Leisure Services Director

This Memo was sent to our Members 1/27/11 by Lisa Kiely, Leisure Services Director:

We are excited to announce that Valet Service will begin Tuesday, February 1st!

This is a complementary service to you and as with other services at Park Springs no tipping is allowed.

In an effort to reduce parking concerns for both our members and our guests we have contracted with Prestige Valet for four months!

By way of contracting this service we have the opportunity to track the number of cars parked, peak usage times and to document member comments.

The valet will place a comment card (for positive and constructive) feedback inĀ each car as it is parked. We ask that you drop the comment card in the comment box at the valet or Concierge desk during your next visit. The information will be tracked and will assist us in determining to continue with the service.

In our hopes that this will be a welcomed, value added service, we will contract the Valet Service as is, and look at adding options for unloading groceries/packages, all member campus valet parking, an on campus shuttle and/or off-campus transportation within a 3-5 mile radius.

There will be two (insured) valets (wearing black pants, shoes and time, a white button down shirt and a red jacket with the name Prestige Valet Services) positioned outside the Clubhouse from 11:00am-8:00 pm Monday-Friday.

The valet service will use 20 reserved spaces between the Clubhouse and Cobblestone.

In the event that you have not picked up your car before 8:00pm closing of the valet, they will pull your car up and will bring your keys to you or the Dining room hostess.

I’m looking forward to the next four months and hope that you will share your thoughts and opinions with me.

Lisa Kiely

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