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Wellness is defined as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a more successful lifestyle.

How is this different from most incentive programs?

Unlike the typical exercise incentive program, the mental, social, vocational, and spiritual aspects will also be included. While this is a competition, the primary goal is to have our members and staff support and encourage one another and continue to be anĀ Atlanta active adult community.

How does this challenge work?

We have 74 resident members and 32 staff members participating in this 8-week challenge. On February 6th, we all started keeping track of our cardio exercise, resistance exercise, exercise classes, water intake, and even mind/spirit development and volunteering. Most of us are divided up into 21 different teams. Each team has at least one staff member. The team and individual standings will come out every Friday starting February 17th. Check back here every week to see our progress as we improve our mind, body, spirit, and quality of life!!

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