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In August 2012, Reggie Porter took over as the Park Springs Fitness Center Manager. The splendid, well-equipped Fitness Center offers

  • Aerobics and other group fitness classes
  • Fitness Room
  • Lap Pool
  • Warm Therapy Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Massage Therapy Available
  • Locker Room & Showers

Reggie holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Exercise Science from Georgia Southern University, and his first experience working with seniors came in 2005 when he interned as an Exercise Specialist in cardiac rehabilitation. Before joining Park Springs, Reggie was an Exercise Specialist at multiple corporate fitness centers.

“Working at Park Springs is very rewarding. The Members are so appreciative of the many opportunities we create to help them live a healthy, active life,” Reggie says. “It’s good to be active – at any age, even though I understand that it is sometimes hard to make the time and the commitment to exercise on a regular basis.”

Many Park Springs Members come to the Fitness Center at least three times per week, often for group fitness classes such as ‘Stretch, Tone & Balance,’ Water Yoga, ‘Arthri-Cise’ or Tai Chi. To keep moving is the goal, but the social and fun aspects of these classes are also important. There is also an active member-led Water Volleyball group that welcomes participants of all fitness levels.

Reggie also sets up personal training sessions that address specific health needs, such as improving leg strength and balance. “Members recognize the health benefits of regular exercise, and many are quite dedicated. It is fun for me to keep coming up with new routines that really increase their physical well-being.”

According to Reggie, “It took me about two months to figure out the level of intensity of our classes and exercise regimens. I make sure to gauge the health and abilities of every Member who comes to our Fitness Center, so that I can help them exercise in a safe and healthy way. This will encourage them to keep coming back, and to keep moving!”

Reggie was a linebacker at Georgia Southern and continues to be an avid football fan. He also describes himself as a big movie buff, and especially appreciates action and special effects movies.

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