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Rehab Corner  

By: Coleen Jeter

Decreased visual acuity does not have to lead to the loss of independence. Often simple changes in the home combined with the use of low vision aids and proper organization can allow the person with visual impairment to live as they had been used to living. If your vision prevents you from performing a certain task, do not assume that it cannot be done.

The goal of low-vision rehabilitation is to help the client remain independent while performing their desired daily living tasks and hobbies.  Some strategies include:

  • Effective illumination
  • Use of visual aids and/or adaptive equipment
  • Modification of the approach to the task
  • Simple modifications to the home
  • Maximizing functional mobility through effective strategies in your home and in the

Occupational and Physical Therapists are trained to address the needs of individuals living with low vision. They can help to identify specific ways to maximize your independence when performing everyday tasks.  They can also help individuals to compensate for their visual loss by recommending and assisting an individual to practice with a variety of equipment used to compensate for vision loss.  If you or someone you know may benefit from these types of services, please contact the Therapy Department at extension 3870.

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