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“Most of us have heard of New Zealand, but what is “old” Zealand?”

“Which classic film actress, famed for her comedic genius in “It Happened One Night”, was born Emilie Chauchoin?”

David Thirsk, a long-time member of Park Springs, has been the driving force behind the very popular and highly-competitive Trivia games that take place almost every Saturday afternoon at 4 PM in the Clubhouse. Regularly, between 70 and 80 people make sure to participate because they do not want to miss one of these fun-filled, exciting, fast-paced games that combine knowledge of history, geography, math, movies and popular culture.

For years, Mr. Thirsk has researched and prepared the trivia questions, some of them quite obscure, and he also hosts and coordinates the weekly contest. It’s just one of the fun opportunities at Park Springs to get together with others in the community – and a splendid way to test your knowledge and your memory!

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