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One of the most popular fitness activities at Park Springs is Water Volleyball.

“All fitness levels are welcomed to this member-led activity,” explains Reggie Porter, Fitness Center Manager. “Our co-ed team plays every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, and water volleyball is a great cardio-vascular work-out. They play hard!”

Water Volleyball at Park Springs is played with a beach ball, and it sure is a fun activity, judged by the cheers and laughter of the active players who love using the beautiful indoor pool at the Park Springs Fitness Center.

At Park Springs, both land and water fitness classes are available for Members in a safe and monitored environment.  Personal trainers, massage therapists and nationally certified group fitness instructors work together to create exercise programs designed to help each Member achieve his or her fitness goals.

To learn more about the many ways Members move and stay fit at Park Springs, or about moving to Park Springs, please call any one of Park Springs’ Senior Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300.

Check out some recent photos of the Park Springs’ Water Volleyball team below:

Water Volleyball at Park Springs
Water Volleyball at Park Springs


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