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Here at Park Springs, we pride ourselves in the security and comfort of our Members. We recently received a letter from one of our Members and thought it was worth sharing with you.

“To all the Security Men who work with Park Springs:

This letter is certainly overdue. I mentioned to one of the security men one day how much the Security at Park Springs meant to me. His only comment was “write a letter.” It is slow getting written, but my good feelings about everyone who answers to the security needs to know how one of the members feels. Where can I start?

I happen to be one of the very first to move into this community, having arrived just three days after its opening. All of us are in the same general age bracket. Most decided to move here for the same sort of reasons. This produced the need for qualified group to help make us feel safe and warm in our new homes. Park Springs was already working on selecting a wonderful assortment of qualified individuals to make each of us feel secure no matter what the occasion. Our security system took shape.

The men who wear the black outfits and answer to security are handpicked and the qualifications must be very high. In all of the years I have been in residence, I’ve never met one who was not friendly and ready to take on any task put before them. When the rains came last spring and many homes were taking in water, they worked as quickly and diligently as possible to keep us abreast of the problem. They never stopped working on the damage from Mother Nature. I was a victim and complained just like others but realized that my problem did not compare to others. They would get to my needs when they could. Big mishaps just take a little longer to take care of.

Smaller everyday things are what I have noticed. Like the phone call in the morning if your action monitor has not been activated, followed by a doorbell ring when there is no answer on the telephone. If there is no response to either of there, they move on to the final step and enter your home to ascertain if you need assistance before their job is finished.

When you are detained from Park Springs after 10pm and the doors are secured for the night, a telephone call brings a pleasant man to unlock and open the door for you. More often than not, he will walk you to your door just to be sure that you are safely home. I really appreciate this extra service, particularly after being away on a trip. It’s nice to have someone at your side when you walk into a quiet, empty home. It is very reassuring.

Living alone, at an advanced age, it is so comforting to know there is a whole crew out there whose job is to take our safety very seriously. They even will go out of their way to make us nice and comfortable.  Recently, I was away from my Villa for several days and have turned my heat off in my absence. A few hours before my return, realizing how very cold it was outside, my family called and asked the security if they would please turn my heat up. When I arrived home, it was a perfect temperature.

There are hundreds of things that can be reported but I think you have an idea how much you mean to just this Member. Thank you for being so friendly, understanding and ready to help, not just when there is injury, but every minute I live here at Park Springs. When I hear a noise in the night, I feel perfectly safe. I know there are a lot of men working here, taking care of me and all the other people making this their home.  

Thank you all of you within the security crew. You make me feel secure and comfortable 365 days a year and it is truly appreciated.

Thoughts and Thank you from just one of the Park Springs flock you serve and protect 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Wini P.”

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