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It is Friday and we are slowly getting back to our normal routine at our Atlanta retirement community, we still have lots of snow and ice on the ground, however it is getting better each day. The roads are a little clearer today allowing more of our employees to return to work to continue to serve our members. We have been blessed to recieve many thanks and well wishes from our members for the work that was done to keep things as normal as we possibly could.

We wanted to share some of those member’s notes with you, please see attached a couple of the wonderful notes.

Thank you from Elizabeth & Jud Fennel 20110113, Thank you from Joan Benson 20110112


  1. If there had ever been any doubt that we are in the right place, that would have been dispelled last week. While my unlucky friends were isolated in their homes, worrying about digging out. or getting food, and feeling anxious, we were having a ball at Park Springs! Food served by our wonderful staff (including the Executive Director), bridge games, Scrabble contests, impromptu dinner parties, lectures to keep us mentally alert, dancing classes – on and on the opportunities went. I would not wish another storm on Atlanta, but if one comes, we’re ready. Thanks again to our able and delightful staff. Shirley Baskin

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