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“Baby, it’s cold outside!”  Everyone has felt the chill during this Snow Storm 2011 and Park Springs, a premiere Atlanta Retirement Community, members are keeping their cool and staying warm.  Throughout the community, members are taking the weather in stride by enjoying their neighbor’s company, the outstanding service provided by department directors and staff members, and tasty meals available for pick up and home delivery.  With many thanks to our security staff, even the AJC made it to everyone’s front door as usual.

The members enjoyed a break to the ongoing TV weather broadcasting by listening to a history lecture, watching the movie marathon in the theater or in the comfort of their homes, and planning impromptu pot luck dinner parties with their neighbors.

A tip of the snow shovel to all the department directors who had a campus camp out providing much-needed services and security to all the members.  Mike Heselbarth, Executive Director, an Indiana native, said he was very grateful for the willingness and enthusiasm of all staff members who put their families on hold, safely got to work, and spent several nights on campus to ensure the well-being of our entire member’s.

The Park Springs members are the very best!  Many volunteered to deliver meals to those who were ill, offering a nourishing meal and conversation.  The entire staff is grateful for the members words of support and appreciation. “I am so glad I live here” has been heard many times throughout the week and the staff is glad that the members are here too.

Within our Atlanta continuing care retirement community, Cobblestone health care members didn’t miss a beat.  The staff all took turns wearing many different hats offering care, entertainment, and full service meals in the dining room.  Everyone had a great time together.  Independent living members helped out by playing card games and bingo. The staff rotated shifts to give everyone a chance for some “shut eye.”  Twenty staff members made up quite a slumber party.

Right now, I can smell BBQ chicken and roasted potatoes wafting through the kitchen.  Time for lunch!   I’ll check in later after I wash the sauce off my hands. I want to be ready for tomorrow’s lunch. Choices, choices, choices….……roasted pork loin, snapper with lentils or beef brisket with veggies galore!

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