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Dixie Manor

“Every Year We Lived There, Dixie Manor Got Bigger”

Born and bred in Covington (5th generation), Mr. and Mrs. Billy and Irene Smith had lived in “Dixie Manor,” their beautiful antebellum mansion in Covington (GA), for more than 35 years. They had raised their son Chris and daughter Fleeta there, and had enjoyed living close to both sets of parents and being able to

Park Springs Welcomes Irene and Billy Smith

Recently, Irene and Billy Smith moved from their lovely home in Covington (GA) to Park Springs, and The Covington News commemorated their contribution to their hometown with this great story by Paula Travis: Dear Friend Throws Own Farewell Tea As is noted in the article, “Covington will have a little less laughter and fun without

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Stone Mountain, GA 30087

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