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New Year Resolutions

I read in this morning’s news paper an article written by an Associated Press writer listing worthy resolutions for retirees.  The majority of those he listed were financially related such as, getting disciplined about money matters, getting your estate in order and checking into long-term care insurance possibilities. These financial goals are all worthy resolutions and in

Taste of the Good Life

Our Food and Beverage Department put on the first ever “Taste of Park Springs” early in October. The event was a showcase for our foodservice vendors. Some of the delicious creations were returning favorites and some were new original ideas. There were some true works of culinary art by Park Spring’s very own Food and

2011 Housing Turning Point

A lot of media attention has been placed on the overall housing market over the past several years. At Park Springs, we have been focusing on helping our members overcome the concern of having to sell a home in today’s market. Our Vintage Home Plan is designed to help our members market and sell their

What are the benefits of on site dining?

Far too often we in marketing focus on the tangible aspects of that which we are promoting.  For example, we promote the fact that our Atlanta area retirement community offers 4 dining options serving a continental breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.  We point out that meals are served in a restaurant setting with well-appointed surroundings or

New Homes are Available at Park Springs

“New homes” is not a phrase often read the past couple years but as the economic environment improves, Park Springs is offering 15 new residences.  Ranging in size from 954 square feet to 1904 square feet with entry fees as low as $197,000, these homes offer one- and two-bedroom plans, each graced with our signature traditional architecture and interiors,

1st Friday Party, 9200 Building

The 1st Friday Party in 9200 for March was hosted by the Marketing and Sales group who have recently moved their office into 9200, so are now a part of “our family”. The party was in the new office so all the residents could see how the unit had been transformed into office space. Almost

A Big Thank You to the Park Springs Staff

  The following is a letter written to Michael Heselbarth, Executive Director, from the daughter of one of our Park Springs Members, thanking the staff for their years of the utmost love and support while caring for her parents.       Dear Mr. Heselbarth, Our family is incredibly grateful to Park Springs for so

Fitness Guru

Fitness Guru   By: Lenoria Mackey Mr. George S. has always had a passion for physical fitness.  George has worked out for a long time. He swam laps daily, and utilized free weights into his workouts.  About nine years ago, George underwent a four-way heart by-pass surgery. This major complication didn’t stop him from achieving his

Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month  By: Kitty Lotz Painting is something I always wanted to do but just never got around to it.  A high-school teacher, Mrs. Mary M., in my hometown of Durham, NC, planted the seed for me many, many years ago. Somehow working, raising a family, and many other life events, kept painting

Rehab Corner

Rehab Corner   By: Coleen Jeter Decreased visual acuity does not have to lead to the loss of independence. Often simple changes in the home combined with the use of low vision aids and proper organization can allow the person with visual impairment to live as they had been used to living. If your vision prevents

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