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$7,500 Move In Credit

Park Springs understands the challenge many are presented with when moving from their current house to our community. Our Vintage Home Plan and Welcome Home program were created specifically to assist Members in the sale of their home and ultimate move to senior housing in Atlanta.  For a limited time, Park Springs is now not only handling

Park Springs’ Vintage Home Plan (VHP) can help you sell your house.

Brian Thomas Brian is responsible for introducing the VHP process to prospects and helping them implement it.  He hires real estate agents, appraisers and other professionals as needed.  “I do as much or as little as the Member wants me to do.” “The idea is to arm us and the Member with information we can

“Unprecedented” Baby Boom Bulge

Newly released census data reemphasizes the unprecedented growth among those age 65 and older.  I was not surprised to read that the South contained the largest number of people 65 and older.  The fact that Georgia was mentioned among states such as Texas and Colorado where the 65 plus population doubled in 5 counties, caught me by surprise.

Why do Foxes have white tails?

In a post last week I made reference to the Oldsmobile slogan: “This is not your father’s retirement community…” Park Springs is the next generation of retirement communities and an innovation in independent senior living in Atlanta. Another way Members are proving that to be true is the recent publishing of a children’s book written by

New Homes are Available at Park Springs

“New homes” is not a phrase often read the past couple years but as the economic environment improves, Park Springs is offering 15 new residences.  Ranging in size from 954 square feet to 1904 square feet with entry fees as low as $197,000, these homes offer one- and two-bedroom plans, each graced with our signature traditional architecture and interiors,

Park Springs Partners with DeKalb County Fire Department

Recently Park Springs and the DeKalb County Fire Department joined forces.  Our Atlanta active adult community has reached out to the local fire department in order to provide training to our Members on what to do in the unlikely event of a fire.  DeKalb County Fire Officials jumped at the opportunity to use Park Springs as

How to Prepare You Home for Atlanta’s Cold Winter Months

With the winter season quickly approaching, Raymond Previto, environmental services director at Park Springs, an Atlanta area retirement community and Brian Thomas, director of operations management, sat down to answer questions about how those of you with Senior housing in Atlanta properly prepare your home for the cold Winter months ahead. Q: What are some basic

Senator Isakson Met with Park Springs Residents

United States Senator Johnny Isakson came to Park Springs, an Atlanta CCRC, on September 3rd to discuss current topics and challenges facing Atlanta seniors. Some of the topics he touched upon were the economy and senior housing in Atlanta. Although the focus was on pressing issues in Washington that specifically affect those 62 and older,

An Isakson Living Community


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