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The Mannings – Meg and Frank – and the Browns – Lee and Michael – had attended the same Decatur church for years. But it wasn’t until the two couples moved to Park Springs that their friendship really blossomed.

“The four of us pal around together a good bit,” says Frank, a former engineer with BellSouth. Three mornings a week you’ll find him and Michael, a retired college professor, chatting companionably as they walk to the Park Springs fitness center. They work out separately, then head back to the Golf View Villas where both couples live.

“One of the most enjoyable parts of going to the gym is the walk there and back,” Frank adds. “We talk about politics and ideas and all sorts of things. It’s a great motivation to know that I’ve got to be ready at 8 am because Mike will be waiting. We both pride ourselves on being prompt!”

The conversation often continues at dinner, when the gentlemen are joined by their wives at the Park Springs dining room or, if the mood is more causal, at The Bistro.

“The food is extraordinary,” says Michael, “not just because it’s so good, but because of the many different places where we can enjoy it.” The women both volunteer at the Park Springs Market and their husbands have discovered a shared passion for woodworking at the onsite wood shop. With landscaping and home maintenance provided, there’s plenty of time to pursue new and old interests.

Both couples agree that life is made richer by their friendship. During the busy years of working and raising families in Decatur, there just wasn’t the time or opportunity that they’ve discovered at Park Springs.

One thing that hasn’t changed for the Browns and the Mannings is their weekend routine. You’ll still find the four of them in the same Sunday school class where they met at Decatur First United Methodist Church. The difference is that now, they make the short drive together from their home at Park Springs.

Michael expresses that sense of connection well when he says, “If you’d take a poll of Members and ask what’s the best thing about living at Park Springs, nearly everyone would say it’s the people.”

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