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All are invited to this year’s play by Barbara Rives called Life at Park Springs or the Lady Chatterley Caper. There is a cast of 35 players and ten barbershop singers who will perform for the Atlanta area retirement community.

The play is about a mysterious donation of twenty-five Lady Chatterley’s Lover books to the Park Springs library. All have disappeared and many strange phenomena have begun to occur. Cornerstoners from the Tuesday religious group are trying to get to the bottom of the matter and root out the licentious behavior spotted around the campus. Prada shoes seem to be the identifying badge of membership in the underground movement although there has been a run on a new perfume, Savage Secretions, sold at Kroger. In fact, the grocery shelves were wiped clean three minutes after the Park springs bus arrived there. Michael Hasselbarth claims to be on the side of the morality police but it is discovered that he has broken out in hives because of his own application of a dab of Savage Secretions. While he is recuperating, our Food and Beverage Director, Nils Stein, takes matters into his own hands and unfortunately accuses the wrong couple of being the ringleaders of the movement. All is forgiven them in the end when the real  culprits are caught by two of our employees while fleeing down the laundry chute in disgracefully inappropriate clothing.

Tickets are $5 with all profits going to the Park Springs Foundation. Performances are three nights, April 12, 13 and 14 at 7:30 in the Community Hall.

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