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If you’ve come by and visited with our members they’ll frequently ask, “Have you heard the twins?” or “Do you know when they’ll return?”  They are referring to our twin volunteers; a talented duo who perform in room classical musical selections for our lucky members of Cobblestone Park Springs!  Justin and Daniel returned from their summer vacation on July 27, 2012 and the excitement is everywhere!  They will continue to provide book cart visits, assist with bingo, and of course bring their musical instruments and play for our members.

Although it may be a challenge to distinguish between the two boys they both have different interests. Julian Barnes plays the saxophone, enjoys playing games, and reading.  His twin brother Daniel Barnes plays the clarinet, enjoys board games, and sports.  So if you’re strolling the halls of Cobblestone and suddenly hear the sax or the clarinet, stop, listen, and enjoy the wonderful sounds of our teenage twin volunteers the Barnes brothers ~ Daniel and Justin!

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