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Members Barbara and Don Howell. “We weren’t ready to leave our home of more than 30 years until we discovered Park Springs. They helped us with everything – from pricing our home to packing and unpacking. Now instead of worrying about home maintenance, we’re enjoying the activities, dining and peace of mind that are all part of life at Park Springs.”

The Emmy Award-winning home improvement series “This Old House” is a favorite of many. It began in 1979 as a one-time, 13-part series on the Boston PBS station WGHB, and grew into one of the most popular programs on the network.

For some who are eager to make the move to an active retirement community, ‘this old house’ can mean something completely different. ‘This old house’ may present a barrier to making that decision. Some may postpone the decision, when faced with the tasks of putting their home on the market, finding the right seller, and then physically moving to a new home. And there are those who wait until a health scare or health need forces them to move. Then it’s too late to take full advantage of the amenity-packed lifestyle offered by communities like Park Springs.

That’s why the Park Springs Vintage Home Plan (PDF) is such a success. You can start enjoying the incredibly enriching and secure lifestyle available at Park Springs without having to sell your existing home in advance. When you let the Park Springs experts handle the details of coordinating with a real estate professional, staging, showing, negotiating sales price and more, it’s easy to leave ‘that old house’ for a new home and new outlook on retirement. We’ll even help coordinate the packing and unpacking.

Tell your friends who are ready to make the move to a community like Park Springs how easy it is with the Vintage Home Plan. For more details, call 678.684.3300 or visit www.parksprings.com.

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