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Toco Hills is a large neighborhood in the Briarcliff section of DeKalb County. Featuring a large contingency of retail establishments and restaurants, this community is a popular place to visit among many of the seniors who live in Georgia’s retirement communities in the Stone Mountain area.

About Toco Hills, Georgia

Toco Hills sits on the western side of Briarcliff. How the area got its name is often debated. While some locals claim that the area got its name from the Toco Hills shopping center, others believe that the neighborhood’s developer named it Toco Hills after the Brazilian Indian word “toco,” which means “good luck.” Meanwhile a third explanation is that the name is actually an abbreviation for the phrase “Top of the County.”

Attractions for Seniors in Toco Hills, GA


hile Toco Hills has a large residential community, it is perhaps most noted for its shopping and dining opportunities. There are two major shopping centers in the neighborhood, including the Toco Hills Shopping Center, that provide seniors with a wonderful selection of goods and services. Plus, to complete a day spent shopping, the neighborhood is also home to several exceptional locally owned restaurants as well as the cursory fast-food dining outlets.

Toco Hills makes for a comfortable and quiet destination because its communities are shrouded by woods and the area is rarely overwhelmed with visitors. In the neighborhood’s shopping centers, seniors can peruse and window shop to their heart’s content, while stopping to purchase only when they find what they’re looking for, which isn’t hard with the great selection of stores in the area.

Enjoying an Active Retirement at Park Springs®

The Park Springs® continuing care retirement community is an award-winning retirement community set near the foothills of the world famous Stone Mountain in Georgia’s DeKalb County. Sitting on 54 pristine acres, Park Springs offers everything a retiree needs to make their golden years enjoyable, active and comfortable. With smartly-designed living accommodations, state-of-the-art health and wellness services and concierge-style amenities, living at Park Springs offers exceptional comfort and luxury at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Park Springs offers the utmost in convenience, so our members never do without. From our on-campus shopping centers and library to our well-equipped fitness center and clubhouse, there is no shortage of things available to keep you busy and entertained. Plus, with our on-campus health center, Cobblestone, medical assistance, nursing, rehabilitation and other health and wellness services and benefits are always close at hand and available for those who need them. Park Springs pays close attention to the daily medical and non-medical needs of our members, ensuring their retirement years are fulfilling, enriching and entertaining.

Park Springs is a recipient of the Wise Choice for Atlanta Senior Living award and the National Association of Homebuilders Award for the Best New Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in America. Contact us today to learn more about one of the best-rated continuing care communities in the Stone Mountain area – Park Springs.


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