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Mr. Stauss 4.13On Wednesday, April 17, Simone and Charles from Leisure Services escorted seven Park Springs residents on a trip to the Chamberlain’s Chocolate Factory in Norcross, Georgia.

None of us were aware of such a place, so we were pleasantly surprised. We were met by Anne Stroer, the proprietor, who had chairs and tables set up, covered with white paper so we could write on it on or drip our soft chocolate on. She first passed out samples of white, dark and milk chocolate for us to taste and be aware of what products we would be working with.

She first gave us a plastic mold of a large seashell. Anne then furnished us with small paintbrushes and trays of melted white chocolate in red, blue, orange, yellow and pink colors. We all decorated the inside of the shell, after which we filled the shell to the brim with white chocolate. After a few minutes in the refrigerator to harden, she took the decorated shells out of the mold. Each person showed off their decorated shell and told their favorite chocolate story.

She next gave each person a plate filled half with milk chocolate and half with dark chocolate. With toothpicks, we drug one into the other to make a design. We then added M&M’s, marshmallows, sprinkles, peanuts and pretzels to make our own chocolate pizza. After that, we decorated a pretzel by dipping them in white chocolate and then in sprinkles. After cooling, these fun items were given to each individual to take home and have their own show-and-tell stories for their dinner or card group. Everyone came away laughing and showing off their creations. For an hour, we were all kids again laughing and having fun with each other.

Then, we boarded the bus for a short trip down the street to Dagwood’s Pizza. Most of us had a large slice of pizza, however one person got the Dagwood sandwich – which turned out to be enough for several meals. I had the Greek slice which includes onion, banana peppers, feta cheese, black olives and gyro. Everything has to be good with an abundance of feta cheese. We all enjoyed the experience.

To expand the day’s experience, we spent the evening by going to the Carter Center to hear a program of American Story Telling by Bob Dotson. He is considered to be one of the best storytellers of our time, crisscrossing the country many times interviewing common people that are seldom heard from. He is often on the NBC Today show and has won many international awards for writing. He is an eight-time Emmy award winner and was available to sign his latest book “American Story, a life time search for ordinary people doing extraordinary things”. It was an interesting and fascinating evening.

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