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Col. Brent Bracewell is truly one of the nicest most genuine persons you will ever meet. We had the pleasure of having Col. Bracewell be the guest speaker at our Park Springs Veterans Day program on November 11, honoring our Members. Col. Bracewell is currently serving as the Commander of the 78th Aviation Troop Command, charged with the responsibility of overseeing the entire Georgia Army National Guard’s aviation assets to include all aircraft and associated personnel.

During his presentation at our Atlanta retirement community, Col. Bracewell spoke so passionately about his love for the military life, technological advances of the aircrafts and the comrade of his fellow servicemen. At the end of his presentation he was kind enough to extend an invitation to our Members to tour Dobbins Air Reserve Base and have lunch on post. Due to his energetic speech the Atlanta active adult Members were fired up and jumped at this opportunity. Upon arrival at Dobbins Col. Bracewell and his fellow crew welcomed our Members and instantly engaged them in conversations about their daily routines at Dobbins and the multitude of responsibilities they will encounter upon their deployment back to Iraq.

After their presentation, we had the chance to dine with our hostesses and get to know them on a more personal level. At the end of the tour Col. Bracewell invited our Members to come back in the spring where they will have the opportunity to go joyriding in one of the aircrafts. The overall experience was wonderful and enjoyed by all.


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