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Members Bob & Linda Flemming

Linda and Bob Fleming are North Carolina natives who moved to Atlanta in 1983 for Bob’s management position with BellSouth. The Flemings spent 27 years in a lovely brick home in the Northlake area.

About 2006 we could see that it was unlikely that I could continue to climb ladders, clean gutters and prune trees. We began our search for a retirement living facility,” recalls Bob.

The Flemings did not have to look long or far.  Linda, a former French instructor, was working for an international nonprofit organization and learned about Atlanta senior housing at Park Springs from one of her former colleagues. She and Bob later found out that several friends from their church were enjoying life at Park Springs.  The Flemings made an appointment to visit the facility.

All systems go

They liked what they saw, especially the onsite health care.  Both Linda and Bob had some health concerns and although they were doing well, the availability of quality care at Cobblestone was a big plus. “We’d both had a good bit of health care experience with our own aging parents,” says Linda.

The only obstacle was selling their Atlanta home in a slow economy. That’s when they turned to the Park Springs Vintage Home Program (VHP).

Helping hands

The program offers a variety of services to assist new Members to start enjoying our Atlanta senior homes.  Participants pay only a portion of the regular entrance fee; the balance comes from the sale of their home.

The VHP team can help select a realtor, price the house, prepare it for showing and recommend improvements. They assist with utilities and maintenance and keep the house looking good while it’s on the market.

VHP experts helped the Flemings prepare their home for sale. “They brought in contractors and really simplified the process, which for us included minor repairs, new paint and carpet. We felt very good about our decision,” says Linda.

After the “for sale” sign went up, the Flemings were able to move to Park Springs the following month. When the house sold seven months later, Linda and Bob were comfortably settled in their new villa enjoying the Park Springs lifestyle.

Wise choice

The Flemings couldn’t be happier with the move. Linda volunteers in the Park Springs Market. She also attends cultural programs and participates in water aerobics and yoga classes.

Bob indulges his love of singing by participating in two Park Springs  choirs.  He stays healthy and fit by working out in the fitness center and playing water volleyball. The Flemings enjoy dining with other Members and they remain active in their Decatur church.

Concludes Linda, “Members are fascinating and come from many different places and backgrounds.  But once they’re here, they’re all Park Springs people.”  With support from the Home Vintage program, Linda and Bob Fleming are right at home among them.

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