Assisted Living

Assisted Living at Park Springs

Park Springs provides the only campus-style option for Assisted Living in Atlanta. Park Springs Assisted Living is designed for Members to maintain their independence, and when necessary, our staff can provide various levels of assistance in a gentle and dignified manner.

Our staff encourages Members to maintain their independence while offering them the care and assistance they need, which allows the Member the flexibility to make decisions that affect their daily life.

Whether in assisted living, skilled nursing or memory care, all Members enjoy living in spacious private suites with the amenities of home. There is ample space for activities, access to walking trails and a screened veranda with beautiful views of the courtyard.

For many who receive long-term or short-term assisted living care, maintaining personal control is vital. That’s why at Park Springs, Member-centered care is carefully coordinated based on each individual’s needs, preferences and normal routines. Members decide what time to get up or go to bed, when to bathe, and when and what to eat – including snacks, which are available anytime day or night.

Learn more about assisted living from Park Springs. 678-684-3800.

An Isakson Living Community


Park Springs
500 Springhouse Circle
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

p: 678-684-3300

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