Household Model

The Household Model is inspired by family and personalized for yours. Challenging common perceptions and practices in senior care, we do more than restore function. We create an environment that empowers Members to thrive and achieve at every stage. Members enjoy a flexible, liberating setting that mirrors the comforts and convenience of home. The model centers around intimate, nurturing 18-Member Households driven by Member needs and preferences.

Ever since coming to Park Springs, my mom has a renewed sense of purpose. She sings, laughs, and gardens again; just like old times. Her love for life has returned and the impact this community has had on her is tremendous.

Members making decisions about what they want to do on a daily basis is the core of what Park Springs is.

The goal that we’re trying to accomplish through building Households is to support the people who live there and ensure their well-being.

Everyone has their life story. Everyone has an emotional journey in life. And if you can reach into that, and feel it, people with dementia will be able to tell in your eyes, your face, the feel of you. And they’ll know that you’re there for them.

Starting at $5,900

All of our Households (serving Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and Outpatient Therapy) feature deluxe private suites, a family room, dining area, open kitchen, and a beautiful garden/courtyard. Our Households are welcoming and warm and look and feel just like home. Don’t expect to see a posted schedule of activities. Instead, you’ll discover a fluid, easygoing rhythm. If a Member feels like making brownies, she is handed an apron and encouraged to start baking. If a Member wants to play double solitaire, it’s a Care Partner’s top priority to join him in a game. Members are involved in choices around meals, exercise routines, and other aspects of daily living. As a result, days are rich, full, and often spontaneous.

Every Household is supported by Care Partners, a Nurse, a Homemaker, and a Dietitian. Carefully selected and thoroughly trained, the Household Team goes beyond traditional caregiving to engage and bond with Members. They dine together and make collective decisions about everything from personal goals to the running of the Household. Their trust-built relationships contribute to each Member’s wellbeing.

An Isakson Living Community


Park Springs
500 Springhouse Circle
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

p: 678-684-3300

An ICAA Champion Organization
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