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Jim Schneeberger; Food & Beverage Director

In any area of Food Service the people in charge need to attempt to listen to their Public and hear what they are asking for.  The great thing about Park Springs is Members have the great opportunity to interact with Management and have things adjusted to meet the current requests.  These adjustments generally go towards Members diets; what medications they are on, what weight they are trying to lose, allergies as they can change at any time and when a Member is just trying to watch what they eat to help maintain good health.  These are all things to be aware of when planning a menu.  This happens for me in the work place and at home where not everybody likes the same things and kids are always a challenge to get to eat healthy.

All menus are designed to allow for specific diners to eat the way they need to eat, this is the way we set the menus at Park Springs.  So from this article please let me know what you are looking for in a menu we can answer the question of what is your diet asking for?  We can make just about any menu work for you.

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