4 Healthy Hobbies for Seniors with Arthritis

4 healthy hobbies for seniors with arthritis

4 Healthy Hobbies for Seniors with Arthritis

4 healthy hobbies for seniors with arthritis
As we age, it becomes increasingly important to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. For seniors living with arthritis, engaging in hobbies can provide numerous benefits, including pain relief, improved mental health, enhanced physical mobility, and a sense of purpose. Here are four healthy hobbies that are particularly beneficial for seniors with arthritis that are all available on the Park Springs campus:

1. Gardening
Gardening offers a myriad of benefits for seniors with arthritis. It provides a low-impact physical activity that promotes joint flexibility, strength, and coordination. According to a study published in the Journal of Aging and Health, seniors who engage in gardening experience a decrease in pain and an improvement in their overall quality of life. And spending time outdoors and being surrounded by nature can reduce stress levels and improve mental well-being. Our raised garden beds make it possible for gardeners with arthritis and mobility issues to continue to garden with ease.

2. Yoga and Tai Chi
Yoga and Tai Chi are gentle exercises that can help improve flexibility, balance, and muscle strength for seniors with arthritis. Research published in the Journal of Rheumatology indicates that regular participation in yoga or Tai Chi can enhance physical function and reduce arthritis symptoms in older adults. These practices focus on slow, controlled movements and deep breathing techniques, which help reduce joint stiffness and alleviate pain. A variety of yoga classes including chair yoga, tai chi, and stretching are available throughout the week.

3. Painting and Drawing
Engaging in artistic pursuits such as painting and drawing can have therapeutic effects on seniors with arthritis. According to a study published in The Gerontologist, participating in art activities can improve the psychological well-being and self-esteem of older adults, leading to better overall health outcomes. These creative hobbies provide an opportunity for self-expression, stress reduction, and cognitive stimulation. At Park Springs, you’ll find painting, drawing, and other creative classes are frequently offered as well Member-led art clubs.

4. Swimming and Water Aerobics
Water-based exercises, including swimming and water aerobics, offer a safe and effective way for seniors with arthritis to stay active. A study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation found that water exercise significantly improved physical function and reduced pain levels in older adults with arthritis. The buoyancy of water reduces joint impact, making it easier to move without putting excessive stress on the joints. Members love our warm therapy pool, regular Olympic-size swimming pool, and all-time fan favorite, Water Volleyball!

For more information on Park Springs’ wellness-centered lifestyle and hobbies, contact us today.

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