5 Reasons Why Every Senior Needs a Hobby

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5 Reasons Why Every Senior Needs a Hobby

Member FishingAs the years go by, maintaining your health can become more of a challenge. But the secret to staying active both mentally and physically could be finding a hobby (or a few) that you love!

Hobbies can give you a delightful and enriching way to have fun, stay healthy, and enjoy life to the fullest. And with over 50+ clubs, activities, and interest groups, it’s easy and convenient to find a new hobby or incorporate an existing one into your lifestyle at Park Springs.

Here are five reasons why you need at least one hobby or activity (along with some examples of things to try):

  1. To nurture your mind

Scientific studies show that activities involving creativity can lead to improved cognitive function and enhanced well-being by stimulating various parts of the brain, promoting new neural connections and potentially delaying cognitive decline. Additionally, creative outlets provide a means to manage stress and frustration, contributing to better mental health.

A few to try:

Painting class – local instructors help you express yourself on canvas

Pottery – step into the studio to create a new piece while enhancing hand-eye coordination

Quilting – our very active quilting club helps both pros and beginners hone their craft

  1. To keep your body moving

Research indicates that hobbies which require moderate physical effort can contribute to cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and joint flexibility. A new sport or even simple activities like walking can have a big impact on your physical well-being.

A few to try:
Water volleyball – get a full-body workout with one of our most popular activities

Chair yoga – maintain flexibility and balance no matter your age or abilities

Golfing, fishing, hiking – get out in the great outdoors with private access to Stone Mountain’s championship golf courses, pristine lake, and iconic trails up and around the mountain

  1. To stay connected

Studies emphasize that social engagement contributes to mental and emotional well-being. Participating in a shared hobby provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

A few to try:

Mahjong – you’ll always find partners to play as this is one of our popular activities

Card game night – meet up in The Pub for a friendly game of cards with friends on Friday
Domestic affairs and politics discussion group – engage in stimulating discussions with neighbors from all types of interesting backgrounds

  1. To maintain a positive outlook

Research has shown that pursuing personal goals through hobbies can lead to increased self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life. Engaging in activities that promote personal growth and learning can significantly boost self-confidence.

A few to try:

Acting – try out for one of our theater productions and be part of the big annual event

Singing – learn a new song in the Mellotones men’s chorus or other choirs and singing groups

Taking a class – nearby Emory University offers an interesting array of continuing education courses

  1. To prevent depression

Scientific studies highlight the correlation between participating in hobbies and reduced depression, a serious concern for many seniors that is often triggered by factors like the loss of a loved one or changes in health.

 A few to try:

Bird-watching – with 64+ wooded acres, there’s no shortage of wildlife for daily viewing

Boxing – even those with Parkinson’s can benefit from our boxing classes in partnership with the Center for Movement

Petanque – similar to bocce ball and as simple as horseshoes, this game is addictive!

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