Your 2016 New Year’s Resolution: This Is the Year to Move to Park Springs

Your 2016 New Year’s Resolution: This Is the Year to Move to Park Springs


PS clubhouse main entranceWe all start the new year with a bang – literally, with fireworks and popping champagne corks, and figuratively, with exciting New Year’s resolutions – walk more, master a new skill, or clean out those cluttered closets.

For many seniors and their families, this year’s resolutions may have included a major decision: to move moving from the home that has grown too big and is too large to maintain to independent living at Park Springs, the Atlanta’s premier retirement community.

At award-winning Park Springs, you may select to live in a beautiful villa, a spacious condominium or a charming cottage on the well-maintained 54-acre campus adjacent to Stone Mountain Park.

It’s a whole new lifestyle:

  • Members enjoy elegant, healthful meals offered at four different, top-quality dining venues.
  • Members enjoy wellness and year-round fitness by participating in programs offered at Park Springs’ outstanding fitness center.
  • Members appreciate many different social activities, events, lectures, outings, clubs and informal gatherings and enjoy making many new friends.
  • Members have access to on-site medical care, assisted living and skilled nursing care. Park Springs has the facilities and professional staff to provide the continuum of care you may need as you age in place.

So follow through on this year’s New Year’s resolution. Let 2016 be the year to move to Park Springs, Atlanta’s top quality Continuing Care Retirement Community.

Make moving to Park Springs your best New Year’s Resolution ever.

If you’d like to learn more about the many reasons why moving to Park Springs may be the wise choice for you, please call any one of our Senior Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300.

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