McKnight’s Senior Living: 75 heroes, 75 days at Park Springs

McKnight Senior Living 75 heroes

McKnight’s Senior Living: 75 heroes, 75 days at Park Springs

McKnight’s Senior Living published a story regarding the 75 Park Springs heroes who returned home to their families on June 13 and June 14, after 75 days of sheltering-in-place with residents at the life plan community to reduce COVID-19 exposure on its campus.

On March 30, the independent living and health services staff voluntarily began moving in at Park Springs’ 61-acre campus in Stone Mountain, GA. Nurses and employees from the food and beverage services, environmental services, plant operations departments and from the administration locked in with residents to ensure that basic services continued while potential exposure to COVID-19 was reduced.

“Our decision to lock in was purely based on the fact that limiting human traffic into Park Springs was the best way to keep COVID-19 off our campus to protect our members and our staff,” said Donna Moore, chief operating officer at Isakson Living, which owns and operates Park Springs. “Over the last 75 days, these 75 heroes have been our mission in action.”

Now Park Springs has entered the second phase of its coronavirus response plan, which includes testing and screening all staff, limiting and screening visitors, continuation of meal delivery services, enhanced infection control protocols, social distancing and personal protective equipment. Some services previously suspended, including dining room service and limited in-person programming, will be available with heightened safety protocols.

“We are proud of the actions we have taken to be at the forefront of protecting our staff and members while continuing to provide much-needed services,” Moore said. “Naturally, we are all happy to be returning to our families. However, it has been such a privilege to serve our members in this capacity and have them become a part of our extended families. None of us will ever forget this experience.”

To see the full story, visit the McKnight’s Senior Living webpage here.

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