Q: What is a CCRC/Life Plan Community?

A: A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) or Life Plan Community is a residential community that provides a continuum of care to support a variety of lifestyles and changing wellness needs. Within a single community, you will find accommodations for Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Medicare Certified Short and Long Term Skilled Nursing. This unique environment allows individuals to age in place in a comfortable and familiar setting.

As a new generation of older adults transition into retirement, their needs, wants, and life plans are evolving. That means the way we communicate must evolve as well.

Keeping pace with industry trends, Park Springs will begin using the term Life Plan Community in place of Continuing Care Retirement Community. Life Plan Community is a modernized version of the phrase Continuing Care Retirement Community. The same services, just a new name. We understand this change may be confusing, but we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Q: What is a Continuum of Care?

A: A Continuum of Care is a lifestyle model that provides independent lifestyle options, recreational and social programs as well as specialized care as needs change over time. Residents of a community offering a continuum of care benefit from knowing that most anything short of a hospital stay can be addressed at one community. No future moves should be required.

Q: What are common misconceptions about Life Plan Community living?

A: Retirement means giving up your current lifestyle.
When you live in a Life Plan Community like Park Springs, you’re not giving up your lifestyle, you’re simply gaining a new lease on life. Visit the Living Here section of our FAQ to learn more about the Park Springs lifestyle.

Perception is that by choosing to move to a Life Plan Community means you lose control. It is quite the opposite, you are taking control by choosing a community that addresses all current as well as future needs best insuring that others aren’t left to make those choices for you.

Life Plan Communities are like hospitals.
While Life Plan Communities offer health services unique to older adults, they are not the same as hospitals or nursing homes. Reliable health care is an essential part of the wellness initiative at Park Springs, but our community is comfortable, not clinical, and designed to reflect a traditional neighborhood.

You’re too young and healthy.

You’re never too young and healthy to have fun, live well, and foster new friendships. That is the lifestyle available to you at Life Plan Communities like Park Springs. Many of our Members express gratitude that they decided to move at a time in their lives when they were best able to enjoy all of the amenities offered in our community.

You have to leave your friends and family.

Your family and friends are welcome anytime! Invite them over for dinner and we’ll help you prepare a delicious menu. If you prefer to visit them, our transportation services can help you get there. You are always free to connect with the people you love most on or off campus.

You lose your independence.

With as-needed assistance available anytime, you actually maintain your independence longer in a Life Plan Community. The health and wellness services at Park Springs ensure your future is secure. This peace of mind empowers you to explore your passions, try new things, and develop lifelong friendships.

It’s too expensive.

When you review your expenses over time, you often find that the investment you make in your current living arrangement is comparable to what you would make if living at a Life Plan Community. Use our convenient Compare the Value chart to compare your current monthly expenses with independent, maintenance-free living at Park Springs. Aside from the bricks and mortar and services and amenities, moving to a Life Plan Community is an investment in your future, different than just buying a home, you are joining a community and it’s important to consider the enduring financial, social, and emotional benefits of this decision.

You have to throw out your prized possessions.

A Life Plan Community should have housing options that suit a variety of lifestyles. Park Springs Members can live in a maintenance-free home, cottage, or villa with their choice of over 30 floorplan designs. That means you’ll have as much or as little space as you need to fill your new home with the things that matter most.

Q: What is Park Springs?

A: Park Springs is metro Atlanta’s premier award-winning residential community offering active, independent, resort-style living for those 62 and older. As a Life Plan Community, Park Springs Members benefit from a private, independent home, a variety of amenities and services, plus wellness and health service options. These services are available within a campus environment where the emphasis is on maintaining an independent, active lifestyle. Park Springs is surrounded on three sides by the beautiful Stone Mountain Park. The location is east of Atlanta, Georgia off Highway 78 and West Park Place Boulevard. Our main entrance is on Bermuda Road.

Q: Who owns and manages Park Springs?

A: Park Springs is the flagship community of Isakson Living – an Atlanta based developer of service enriched communities for retirement. Isakson Living is the owner and manager of Park Springs. Additionally, Park Springs is licensed and regulated by the State of Georgia Insurance Commission.

Q: Where is Park Springs located?

A: Park Springs is located just 30 minutes northeast of Atlanta in Stone Mountain, GA. We are accessible by I-285 and HWY 78. Our address is 500 Springhouse Circle, Stone Mountain, GA 30087.

Q: Why are residents called Members?

A: At Park Springs, you’re not just a resident, or a home owner, or a next-door neighbor. You are a Member. Your friendships, spirited way of life, and most importantly, your connections with one another, are the foundation of Park Springs. A Member belongs to a community. Our Members make Park Springs a community worth belonging to.

Q: How do I contact Park Springs?

A: There are many ways to reach Park Springs! You can complete our contact form, send us an email, or reach us by phone for Sales 678-684-3300 or General Information 770-879-4330.


Q: How do I schedule a tour?

A: To schedule a tour, please complete our contact form. Your privacy is very important to us and we do not share any personal information with any source. The information you provide is seen only by the Park Springs Residency Counselor who will respond to your inquiry.

Q: What if my current home has not sold?

A: Ask a Residency Counselor for details about the Park Springs Vintage Home Program. With this program, you can defer a portion of your entrance fee for 12 months while your home is being sold.

Q: How can I reserve a residence today?

A: It’s easy! Simply call 678-684-3483 to schedule an appointment. We have a knowledgeable team ready to answer your questions and to assist in planning for your future at Park Springs.

Q: Do you provide moving assistance?

A: Yes! Park Springs employs a full time New Member Coordinator to oversee your move from your first space-planning visit until the last piece of furniture is moved and placed in your new home. She will be with you every step of the way and even introduce you to a ‘Good Neighbor’ who will show you the ropes from a Member’s perspective. Our recommended moving professionals will take the worry out of moving your valuable possessions while you meet your new neighbors and experience your new Park Spring lifestyle.


Q: What amenities and services are available?

A: Park Springs boasts an elegant clubhouse that offers lovely dining venues, a library, computer center, art room, theater, and woodworking shop. We also have a well-equipped fitness center on campus with an in-door pool and a warm water therapy pool. Members who want to get involved can participate in 40+ clubs and special interest groups made by and for fellow Members. The community also has 61 acres of walking paths, golf course views, a peaceful lake, garden spaces, and a greenhouse. Members enjoy on-site services like; banking, shopping, a beauty/barbershop, interior and exterior maintenance of your home, security, housekeeping and scheduled transportation. Other services such as additional meals, handyman services, laundry, or more frequent housekeeping and personalized transportation can be arranged on an “à la carte” basis.

Q: Do you have a fitness center?

A: Our clubhouse has a comprehensive fitness center with professional equipment and men’s and women’s locker rooms. The fitness center includes an indoor pool, warm water therapy pool, exercise room, spa and day lockers. Individual training and group exercise classes are offered by certified fitness trainers who give personalized guidance and oversee programs designed to help each Member achieve their goals.

Q: What are the meal plan options?

A: Park Springs Members and their loved ones enjoy meals prepared by professional chefs at our many distinctive dining venues. Our Main Dining Room serves American classics, the Bistro offers casual dining, the Springhouse Grill operates as a traditional steakhouse, and the Park Springs Pub has the best burgers in town. At Cobblestone, Members can enjoy a healthy and delicious Mediterranean menu with dishes like stir fried shrimp with basil, broiled salmon with herb mustard glaze, or a strawberry and cream cheese tart. We also offer catering for events and a delivery service for Members who would prefer to dine at home.

Q: Do you offer transportation services?

A: Yes, Park Springs offers scheduled transportation for appointments, off-campus activities, and group outings through your monthly service fee. Personalized transportation is available for an additional cost.


Q: What types of homes are available?

A: Our 61-acre community includes: 25 Golf View Homes, 50 Mountain View Cottages, 167 Park View Villas, 64 Overlook Villas and 92 Golf View Villas. The 398 residences are thoughtfully designed one, two and three-bedroom homes – many overlooking the beautiful Stone Mountain Park golf courses. Others offer views of the lake, park and mountain. Members bring their personal furnishings to make their new home uniquely their own. Flexible upgrade options are available.

Q: What are the costs and fees?

A: Members pay a one-time entrance fee that entitles them to the exclusive right to live in their selected residence with complete access to the community’s services, amenities and on-site healthcare. The entrance fee amount varies depending on the residency plan and style of home selected. Park Springs is an Entrance Fee based community taking away the hassle of home ownership. Our refundable Entrance Fees offer 90% and sometimes 50% refund options available to you or your estate. Here, your monthly fee covers services provided to you each month that includes: dining, utilities, housekeeping bi-weekly, transportation services, maintenance and a full activity and social calendar to keep you engaged with social, recreational and educational programs. Please ask a Park Springs Residency Counselor for more information.

Q: How do I become a Member of Park Springs?

A: In order to be a Park Springs Member, you must be 55 years of age or have a spouse at least 55 and possess income and resources sufficient to meet the financial requirements. You or your spouse must be capable of living independently with or without reasonable accommodations. Once your residence has been selected, 10% of the entrance fee is required in order to reserve that residence. The balance of the entrance fee is due at closing unless utilizing our Vintage Home Program.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Pets are welcome as long as they are approved and have proper documentation. Please ask a Residency Counselor or see the Park Springs Pet Policy for details.


Q: Do you offer healthcare?

A: Members treasure good health and the opportunities to pursue and preserve it at Park Springs. Educational programs, fitness programs, and clinical services help improve and sustain overall health, prevent disease, and manage illness. On-site healthcare offerings include a wellness clinic with two full-time geriatric physicians, nutritional services, and medication monitoring. Pebblebrook offers Rehabilitative Care, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care. Cobblestone offers Assisted Living and Respite Care.

Q: What are your health services?

A: Park Springs offers Memory Care, Assisted Living, Medicare-Certified Skilled Nursing, Day Program, Rehab, and Respite Care.

Our continuing care services follow the Household Model of Care. Each community reflects the warmth and familiarity of home, and in kind, your loved ones are treated just like family. Each Household includes a family room, living room, dining area, and an open kitchen where Members can experience meaningful moments.

Our Memory Care is thoughtfully designed for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Surrounded by the comforts of home, Members thrive in a setting rooted in compassion and feelings-focused care.

  • Garden Household – Our Garden Household is designed for those experiencing memory loss. This household focuses on memory retention and cognitive ability, helping those who are in the early stages of dementia.
  • Lake Household – Lake Household is for those with more advanced memory decline. This household offers lots of warmth and security. We care for Members in a way that helps keep them engaged with life

Assisted Living is offered on three unique levels that are personalized to meet your loved one’s unique needs. Each level focuses on memory retention, physical ability, or as-needed assistance.

  • Club Level – The Club Level offers an independent lifestyle with added security and convenience. High-functioning Members enjoy social engagement with like-minded individuals and access to Park Springs’ amenities.
  • River House – River House is a mentally stimulating environment for people with mild cognitive impairments. Our programs include activities like technology supported classes to help Members improve and maintain brain function.
  • Farm House – Farm House is a home-inspired setting designed to support a range of physical abilities. With activities tailored to individual needs, this household enhances quality of life while supporting unique rehabilitative care needs.

Q: Who qualifies for Health Services?


Assisted Living

– Needs help with non-medical daily task like housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing, or dressing.
– Able walk unassisted or use a cane, walker, or wheelchair independently.
– Can live in your own apartment without the need for around the clock nursing care.
– Help with managing medications.
– Needing watchful oversight

Memory Care

– Current diagnosis of a form of dementia or cognitive impairment
– Individuals who lack awareness in terms of time and place
– Having trouble communicating their needs and expressing emotions
– Memory Loss that has impaired daily functions
– Difficulty processing information or making decisions.
– Changing personality and behavior (disinhibition or agitation)

Skilled Nursing

– Around the clock nursing care or medical care
– Individuals who are bedbound
– Completely dependent in all daily task.

Q: What if my partner and I have different care needs?

A: Our Continuum of Care allows Members with different care needs to stay together through all of life’s changes. Our onsite Wellness Coordinators are available to assist in finding the right care and services for you and your loved one.

Q: What is S.P.R.I.N.G.?

A: Supportive Programs Reengaging Individuals and Nurturing Growth (S.P.R.I.N.G) is a three-tiered program led by compassionate and highly-trained experts who specialize in integral components of brain function. Our program is designed to exercise the mind (intellectual and psychological health), body (physical and nutritional health), and spirit (social and occupational health). Each area affects the others, and together they represent the journey towards wellness. The physical health phase is guided by a certified fitness instructor whose personalized exercise plans lead to stress reduction, better sleep, and improved brain health. Other phases of our program consist of nutritional cuisine made by certified culinary experts and cultural activities that give life vitality and meaning.

Q: What are the costs and fees of advanced care?

A: At Park Springs, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalized care for every Member. To effectively respond to the individual needs, preferences, and routines of each person, we offer various levels of service so your loved one can choose the plan that best suits their wellness needs. Everything we do – from assistance with activities of daily living to our Household Model of Care – is personalized with them in mind.

Q: Do you offer short and long-term care?

A: Park Springs offers short and long-term care overseen by a full-time Geriatrician. Nurses and Care Partners are also available 24 hours a day.

Q: What are your visiting hours?

A: There are not set visiting hours, however, it is asked that all visitors be respectful of their loved ones personal schedules and the natural rhythms of the each Household.

Q: How do I contact Park Springs if there’s an emergency?

A: When moving in to any area of Health Services at Park Springs, you will receive a copy of the Health Services Resource Book. This book includes information about contacting the key individuals within the Health Services department.

Q: Who is allowed to discuss care for me or my loved one?

A: Upon move in, Members are asked to identify a responsible party, including contact information. Only those identified individuals will be able to discuss any aspect of your care while living at Park Springs.

Q: Do I have to be a current member of Park Springs to qualify for health services and do I have to pay an entrance free?

A: No. Our health services communities are open to members and non-members and there is no entrance fee requirement.

Q: What are you resident to staff ratios?

A: 8:1 in Assisted Living
6:1 in Memory Care
6:1 in Skilled Nursing

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