Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

Our society seems to be obsessed with the negative aspects of aging.  Research has shown some of the secrets to successful aging include socialization, finding meaningful activities, and accepting changes. Aging gracefully is by no means an effortless task but attitude plays a critical role in the aging process.

Aging is a complex process and any successful plan to aging gracefully involves a holistic approach. Aging is often viewed negatively and associated with cognitive dysfunction and senility. Although the elderly undergo many physical changes aging does not have to be associated with physical or functional decline. Age is a state of mind and there are ways to achieve successful aging. Health promotion and disease prevention offered through our outpatient primary care clinic, a host of activities, exercise in our state of the art fitness center, and socialization, are just a few ways that Park Springs helps to ease the transition of the aging process.

At Park Springs Continuing Care Retirement Community we also offer in home care services to help our senior’s age gracefully. Sometimes an extra pair of hands is all it takes to remain self- sufficient. We’ve seen what a big difference in home assistance makes and we are pleased to offer it in Cobb, Dekalb, Forsyth, Fulton, and Gwinnett counties. Park Springs Home Care can help to enhance your quality of life by helping you maximize your functional independence in the safety and security of your own home.

Lifestyle Choices ( Health & Wellness Lunch & Learn)

There is no better way to discuss the benefits of health and wellness here at Park Springs than through the testimonials of our own members. Another successful event was held last week at Park Springs to highlight the testimonials of some of our very own residents, their proactive approach to wellness, and to discuss some of the health care services offered within the community. We all know primary prevention through health care screenings is one of the most important things people can do to maintain their health.

The early detection of disease is one of the great benefits of health screenings. Through the testimonial of one of very own members, visitors learned firsthand how he took advantage of attending one of many health care events offered here at Park Springs. Not only did he voluntarily participate in the event, but as a result of the Life Line Screening event he was diagnosed with a serious medical condition called atrial fibrillation. Today this member remains active and healthy while utilizing our on-site clinic geriatrician and nurse practitioner for primary care services to manage his condition as well as regulation  of his Coumadin therapy.

It is important to increase the span of a healthy life through preventative health care. At Park Springs our vision is to create the environment and opportunities that promote wellness. Our hope is that our members will continue to participate in these type of events in order to enhance their own quality of life.

Healthfully Yours,

Shona Alexander

Director of Clinical & Home Care Services

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