Aging Parents Are Thankful for Caring Daughters – and Sons!

Aging Parents Are Thankful for Caring Daughters – and Sons!

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, more and more adult sons are taking on the role of caring for their aging parents, a role traditionally filled by loving daughters and daughters-in-law.

As the American population is aging, the need to care for elderly parents increases. “…since the children of aging parents are more geographically dispersed than they used to be, location, rather than gender, is a major factor in who is left with the bulk of the responsibility,” notes the author of the article, Michelle Gerdes.

As a number of Park Springs members can attest, their sons have been ‘like a rock,’ during the entire process of moving from their original home to Park Springs. They have provided the emotional support as well as the financial insights parents may need to make this, for many, live-changing decision.

“Their love and dedication to their parents, before, during and after the move is an inspiration to all of us,” notes Cindy Homer-Baron, Director of Sales for Park Springs. “When meeting our new members, we have also met some truly loving and caring daughters and sons, whose only goal was to help find the best possible lifestyle for their parents.”

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