Annie Liu Keeps Members Moving


Annie Liu Keeps Members Moving

Annie Liu Keeps Members Moving

Annie Liu brings her “can do attitude” as the Health Fitness Specialist assigned to Park Springs Cobblestone Assisted Living. You can find her or a member of her staff seven days a week putting the assisted living members through their paces, encouraging them to stretch, flex, and pull their way into stronger bodies.  

The extensive exercise program is one of the five components of the River Household Programing at Cobblestone Assisted Living. From Sweat & Flex Exercises to Stretch, Tone, and Balance ExercisesSit & Fit Exercises, and Tai Chi and Chair Yoga, there is something for everyone 

Exercise can be invigorating and help build muscle mass at any age, says Liu 

By increasing the circulation of blood flow through exercise, we increase the amount of oxygen to the brain which otherwise would be decreased as a result of poor circulation.  

Annie and her team’s primary mission is to encourage the members of Cobblestone to keep moving and no matter what “Don’t Quit”You are never too old to exercise!

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