Assisted Living at Park Springs: What Makes Us Different

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Assisted Living at Park Springs: What Makes Us Different

Happy Tech Assisted LivingAt Park Springs, our approach to Assisted Living is distinctly different. Guided by Isakson Living principles, we prioritize personalized care that genuinely enhances the lives of Members. Here are a few of the things that set our model of care apart:

  1. Person-directed care
    We focus on what Members truly want, rather than the preferences of staff or families. This includes even the smallest details like color choices in living spaces, ensuring that every decision reflects the Member’s desires.
  2. Evidence-based approach
    Everything at Park Springs is grounded in solid evidence. This is why we have a gym and offer a Mediterranean diet, both known for their health benefits, particularly for seniors living with brain or movement issues.
  3. Holistic health focus
    We believe in addressing the whole person. The strong link between a Member’s lived experiences and their health and quality of life is central to our care philosophy.
  4. Relationship-based model
    Emotional connections are key. Our staff is carefully selected and trained under the “Spirit of You” program to build deep, meaningful relationships with Members. This facilitates trust and familiarity, essential for effective care.
  5. Consistent staffing
    By maintaining consistent caregiver assignments, Members and Care Partners can develop lasting relationships, making care more personalized and effective.
  6. Household model
    We operate on a household model which mirrors a warm, family-like environment. Members have the flexibility to choose their schedules – from wake-up times to meal choices – promoting independence and personal preference.
  7. Flexible activities
    Instead of large, impersonal group activities, we focus on small group or individual activities tailored to personal interests, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.
  8. Role flexibility in Care Partners
    Our Care Partners are not confined to rigid job descriptions. They are trained to respond adaptively to the needs of Members, much like a family member would.
  9. Paired households
    Members are grouped with others in similar life stages, enhancing compatibility and mutual support. Our Assisted Living and Memory Care households are designed to adapt to the changing needs of Members, ensuring they always receive appropriate care.
  10. In-house Wellness Clinic
    Unlike many communities, we have a Wellness Clinic onsite staffed by geriatricians, ensuring high-quality, personalized medical care. This close medical oversight allows for timely interventions and better health management.
  11. Legacy and purpose
    Most of all, we view Members as legacies to their families. By understanding and celebrating their life stories, we honor their past while caring for their present and future.

At Park Springs, we’ve redefined Assisted Living over the past 20 years by creating an environment where Members can thrive, supported by personalized care and a commitment to their overall well-being. Our approach not only enhances the quality of life for those we care for but also provides peace of mind for their families, knowing that their loved ones are always in good hands.

If you or a loved one needs more support, let’s start a conversation. Contact us today.

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