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Atlanta Independent Senior Living

We encourage all Members to get involved at Park Springs. Our Member association committees are a great way to make a positive impact in our Atlanta independent senior living experience. Check out what each committee has to offer and see which one is right for you.

Member Association Committees at Park Springs
The Activity and Social Committee assists in planning and implementing social events in the Park Springs community. Social interaction is a very important part of the Park Springs’ lifestyle. We want to ensure that our members have every opportunity to stay socially active with their friends and neighbors during retirement.

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for keeping Park Springs’ community looking great. We take pride in the beauty of our community and this committee makes it possible for all members to enjoy the outdoors all year long. From pathways and sidewalks to lakes and trees, the natural beauty offered here is part of what makes Park Springs a great place to call home. In addition, this committee has influence on decisions impacting the maintenance and building infrastructure at Park Springs.

The Finance Committee’s job is to manage the budget for the entire community. They make decisions about where money should go and how the budget is allocated each year. This committee plays a large role in the activities and services that happen at Park Springs. This is a great way for Members to get involved and contribute to the success of Park Springs.

The Food and Beverage Committee helps to oversee the dinging services at Park Springs. With six great dining locations, and a variety of menu options, there is a lot to plan. The committee contributes ideas for new menu items in every location. They also provide input on the seasonal items and provide feedback on dining operations. If there is something missing from your menu, join the Food and Beverage committee at Park Springs to help make a change.

The Health and Safety Committee is involved in everything from health services to safety standards in the community. Their job is to help keep members safe by coming up with community regulations designed to protect the members at Park Springs. This committee is another great option for those looking to make a positive impact for our Atlanta independent senior living community.

Join a Committee at Park Springs
We hope that all members will consider getting involved in a Member Association Committee at Park Springs. Our members are what make us great, and we want them involved in every aspect of life here. For more information about Park Springs call 678-684-3300. If you want to see more of the community, schedule a tour or an overnight visit and join us for a meal at any of our fabulous dining locations.

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