AJC: Park Springs Couple Who Reunited And Married After 50+ Years

AJC: Park Springs Couple Who Reunited And Married After 50+ Years

An intriguing and heartfelt story encompasses the lives of Park Springs residents, Allen Rosset and Peggy Fennell. In January, the couple wed after over half a century of time apart – a story that could be straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book.

Park Springs was proud to host the event and to commemorate such a beautiful love story. The couple was recently featured in the article “59 years later, lives cross…with a vow” by H.M. Cauley for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  The article explains that while Rosset and Fennell never dated when they were young, Rosset “always had a crush on her.”

It was Rosset who sought out Fennell and began pursuing a relationship. After 27 years on her own, Fennell had “no intention of getting married again;” however, Rosset was determined to change her mind.  After dozens of roses and repeated visits, she was convinced, and he began to move his things to Atlanta. The couple now enjoys their life together at Park Springs senior community in Atlanta, after what seems to be a destined reunion.

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