Beware of heart attack season: 5 tips for a heart-healthy holiday

heart attack during holidays

Beware of heart attack season: 5 tips for a heart-healthy holiday

The holidays are here and along with the joy and excitement, there are certain factors such as stress and overeating that can spell disaster for your heart. In fact, extensive research shows more people die from a heart attack between December 25th and January 1st  than at any other time of the year.

While you can’t control some factors such as your age or family history, there are steps you can take to lower your risk for a heart attack. Here are some tips to ensure you have a more heart-healthy holiday this year:

  1. Lower your stress
    Family dynamics, hectic schedules, and travel during the holidays can add an extra level of stress to your life. Center yourself with chair yoga, tai chi, or a meditative practice like painting or art therapy.
  2. Enjoy in moderation
    Approach holiday parties and spreads with a discerning eye and don’t show up to the buffet starving. Enjoy a healthy snack beforehand and try to choose raw veggies, fruit, lean protein options, and watch your sodium intake.
  3. Make exercise part of the fun
    Balance out your schedule of parties, baking, or movie-watching with more energetic activities such as long walks in the fresh air with family, a trek up Stone Mountain, golfing (without the cart!), or even an exercise class geared to all ages.
  4. Stick to your medicine
    Disruptions in your everyday schedule can lead to skipping medications, missing refills, or forgetting to pack your prescription medication for a trip. Schedule your doses or create reminders on your calendar or phone, and remember to check your blood pressure often as well.
  5. Learn the warning signs
    It’s important to know the signs of a heart attack (they can be very different in men and women) and to call 911 immediately. The sooner a person starts receiving treatment, the better the chances of survival and preventing heart damage.

From the Park Springs family to yours, we wish you a heart-healthy holiday!

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