Bill Frillman Village

Bill Frillman Village

Mr. Bill Frillman’s favorite holiday is Christmas and this year he is sharing the holiday spirit with all of Park Springs. Park Springs Health Services is currently home to Mr. Frillman’s holiday village that includes over 40 houses and various other parts, totaling over 100 pieces.

The collection began 25 years ago when Mr. Frillman’s wife, Barbara, started collecting a few houses per year. Over time this small collection turned into a winter wonderland that came to a be a piece of pride for both Bill and Barbara. When Barbara passed away two years ago, Bill chose to keep his wife’s tradition alive and continue to set up the holiday village. Last year, the village was displayed in his own building in Park Springs but this year it takes a much larger stage in Park Springs Health Services.

This year marks the first year the entire 100+ piece village is on display and Bill acknowledges that it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Park Springs team. After three hours of set up with help from his daughter, Beth Ann, and a huge hand and support from Dedrel Cobbs, who runs the café for Park Springs Health Services, the village was complete. Since being on display, the village has become a centerpiece for the Health Services building.

When asked what his favorite piece of the village was, Bill said it was the ice skating rink. He explained that while his wife collected the village he saw the joy each individual piece brought to her. By putting this village on display for all of Park Springs he hopes that it can bring others that same joy it once brought Barbara.

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