The Butterfly Model: A New Approach Explained

On Tuesday, January 30, community and family members gathered as David Sheard, founder of Dementia Care Matters, explained the revolutionary concept, Butterfly Model of Care. This model transforms the culture that surrounds dementia care and provides a person-centered approach. While Butterfly Models exist in England, Ireland, Canada and Australia, Park Springs is the first memory care household in the United States to adopt this model. David took time to explain the new approach starting with its key philosophy, “feelings matter most”.

Through an interactive question and answer session, David broke down the complexity of dementia care and simplified it into an easy-to-understand care model. By injecting feeling and compassion into care, the Butterfly Model focuses on creating “home” for those living with dementia. Through brightly colored walls, intimate space and energetic care, the model brings spirit into care homes and allows those with dementia to feel again.

David promises, that by meeting those with dementia where they are rather than challenging them to be who they were, Park Springs Memory Care will see a sizable change and be known as a place of transformation.