Care That Goes Beyond

Veteran Visit

Care That Goes Beyond

We’re so grateful for the relationships built between Members of Park Springs and our caring staff. Mr. Pink Nunnally, a World War I veteran who was stationed in France, lives at our Pebblebrook facility. One of our staff nurses, Nurse Viola, connected with Mr. Nunnally over his time in service, and as a surprise orchestrated a visit from her nephew who currently serves as a Colonel in the US Army.

Mr. Nunnally served as a teenaged non-commissioned soldier during his time in WWI. When Mr. Nunnally met the Colonel he was, at first, beyond words because an officer came to visit him. In military relations, this was a big deal and Mr. Nunnally saluted the colonel. It was a magical moment for all involved. We are so grateful for the intentional, extraordinary care our staff provides; true care that goes beyond meeting physical needs into caring for a Member’s emotions and dignity as a person with a story.

This kind of care doesn’t happen by chance. It happens through thoughtfulness and through members of our team like Nurse Viola who embody the heart of Park Springs and the heart of the Household Model of Care.

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