Celebrating The Creative Spark

Our Members are some of the most creative, talented people we know. From starting their own companies to attaining excellence in the arts, we are proud of the accomplishments our Members have achieved and the skills they are honing. In today’s blog post we want to highlight a Member who continues to pursue her craft of writing and has published a few books on her upbringing and family life in Covington, Georgia.

Irene Robinson Smith is well known around the neighborhood. Her sweet front yard proudly boasts a love for UGA football as her Georgia flag is planted on the front of her lawn. While Irene’s allegiance to UGA might be more publicly known, what folks might not know is that she is the author of three books revolving around her upbringing and longtime family home in Covington known as Dixie Manor. The manor is nearly 200 years old and holds several special memories for Irene. As you read her books –compilations of short southern vignettes or family recipes— you quickly get a sense of Irene’s love for her home, family, and her Georgia heritage.

At Park Springs, we’re thankful to have Members who love to create. We offer art studio space or writing clubs not to pass the time but to bolster the creative spark that Members like Irene cultivate. Irene, when you write your next book, we hope Park Springs will be lucky enough to have a chapter.