Celebrating Earth Day at Park Springs

Redwing Blackbird Atten-Hut

Celebrating Earth Day at Park Springs

At Park Springs we want to encourage our Members to celebrate Earth Day as best they can during this season. That’s why we’ve come up with three easy ways to get in the Earth Day spirit, and hope you’ll join us in appreciating all that our planet has to offer.

1) Go for a walk

It sounds simple, but go for a walk around campus today! Park Springs has a beautiful 61-acre campus full of gorgeous scenery. There is plenty of magnificent greenery, a serene pond, and sweet wildlife. One of our Members, M.B. Thomas, has used this time to take photos of some of the birds around our campus, and a few of her pictures are below.

Celebrating Earth Day at Park Springs Birdwatching at Park Springs

2) Consider recycling

Recycling is a great way to help reduce strain on the Earth’s resources. A Member led group called the Green Team helps orchestrate on-campus recycling efforts. Consider giving a call to the Members in that group and asking for advice on how to better practice recycling at Park Springs.

3) Plant a seedling

Celebrate one of the greatest parts of nature: growing something new! Plant a little seedling this spring and see it begin to sprout up. Park Springs offers community raised beds as well as a greenhouse. Don’t have seeds to plant? You may be able to propagate one of your house plants. Propagating is the process of taking a cutting of plant and growing an entirely new one. And if you’ve never propagated a plant before, click here for a helpful how-to guide.

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