Cobblestone Advancements in Technology

Cobblestone Advancements in Technology

Cobblestone has now crossed over into the new technology of Electronic Medical Records.  In early January 2012 Cobblestone employees began training on new Electronic Medical Records, and we went live with our new processes later that month.

If you have been over to Cobblestone recently you probably have noticed our new Dell Touch screens that are inset in the hallways of Cobblestone. These touch screens are where the certified nurse’s assistants now perform their documentation immediately as they exit a member’s room.

This has improved our documentation by helping capture a more complete assessment of care the member has received, and therefore, increasing our revenue reimbursement for each member.

It is also a faster way of documentation for the C. N. A. so it allows for more time for actual care to be spent with the resident.  These nurses are now documenting their progress notes on the computer and entering admission assessments, daily, weekly and quarterly assessments.

This is only phase one of our Electronic Medical Records process, phase two is scheduled to begin mid April, and phase three should be completed before the end of the year.  It will be mandatory by 2014 for all medical facilities to go to using Electronic Medical Records, so we applaud Cobblestone staff for the efforts to work hard and get ahead of the regulatory deadlines and continuing to provide skilled nursing in Atlanta.

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