Cobblestone Pet Therapy

Cobblestone Pet Therapy

We have new and exciting additions to our pet therapy program at Cobblestone.  We have two new pets from the Therapy Dogs International Program that have joined us this month as another perk of our Atlanta continuing care retirement community.

Karen Ann Thornton pet therapist and her dog Amanda, a beautiful German shepherd will be visiting here weekly on Julia’s Suites, Pebble brook, and The Bridges.

Roberta “Bobbie” Traick pet therapist and her dog Scarlett, a Shetland sheepdog will be here each Thursday afternoon on Julia’s Suites.

From one of our local hospice companies we have Celia Moore pet therapist and her umbrella cockatoo Sheena that visits each unit on a monthly basis. Sheena does a lot of 1 on 1 in room visits with our members. Sheena loves lively music and loves to dance and show off for our members. She has a special attraction to our male members. Please come over and enjoy seeing our pet therapist in action at any of these times.

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