Doug Burns: “The Whole Reason to Move Here? The People”

Doug Burns: “The Whole Reason to Move Here? The People”

When Doug Burns makes up his mind, things happen quickly.

Doug BurnsMr. Burns moved into Park Springs in December 2015. He and his late wife Judy had built their forever home in Duluth, but the home had become too quiet. Even though he had served for years on the neighborhood’s homeowners association and thought that it was necessary to “…surround yourself with young people to stay young,” his daughter, who lives in the nearby Smokerise neighborhood, encouraged him to check out Park Springs.

“I came for a visit in October, and attended a marketing event the next Friday. Both times, I met wonderful people, different Members who really impressed me with their warm welcome. They were all so happy to be here,” says Mr. Burns.

“Then, I came back to talk with Suzanne Baker, one of the residency counselors. I think I surprised her when I told her that yes, I would like to go ahead and take one of the Golf View Villa’s in the 9400 building – usually, it takes a bit longer for people to make up their minds!”

“I was blessed. I walked through the front door at Park Springs and knew that I wanted to be here – even though I had not known about this luxury retirement community before. Actually, the idea of retirement had always turned me off,” says the successful entrepreneur who grew up in Atlanta and went to The Citadel in Charleston.

Mr. Burns, a marketing expert, put his Duluth home and all its contents on the market, and sold it within one week. “The secret is to use a really good photographer who can show your home at its best advantage,” he recommends.

After four years in San Francisco during the Korean War, Mr. Burns worked with the Georgia Power Company in commercial marketing for 18 years before he started his own company to build bank branches for Trust Company Bank and other financial institutions throughout Georgia. After twelve years in this rewarding and interesting niche, he sold this enterprise to a partner to focus on the sale of promotional products.

Entrepreneurs who make a difference

For twenty years, he and his wife traveled throughout 11 Southern states, growing his company. “We were a great team. Through my ties with Georgia Power and the Atlanta Restaurant Association, we got involved with the Atlanta Golf Classic, and before long, my wife ran Atlanta Golf Caterers. For eight years, we coordinated eight golf tournaments per year along the East Coast, and at one memorable event we helped raise enough money to donate a kidney machine.” Mr. Burns remembers.

Challenges and opportunities

“I did not know a soul when I moved into Park Springs,” says Mr. Burns. “It did feel a bit like the first day of high school. Fortunately, I moved into a great building with great neighbors, who have welcomed me with open arms. People and social interaction are so important for a full and happy life, and I find that I have learned to have more compassion for others as well. We share, we laugh, we take trips together. We’re living the good life.”

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