Everyone Has Something To Contribute

Park Springs has recently joined hands with Briggs & Associates where workforce diversity includes people with developmental disabilities. This association has clients (employees) come along with Career Specialist to train new Park Springs employees in the workplace. Acclamating and creating an atmosphere for success is the ultimate goal and Park Springs along with Briggs & Associiates are off to a wonderful start with their first client. Patrick Barlow, 26 year old Downs Syndrome man, has joined the Utility staff in the Main Kitchen of Park Springs to assist where ever he is needed. Arriving with a spirit and more energy than most. Patrick has fit in very well and has quickly picked up on how the operations go on a daily tasks. This joint venture is something that Park Springs will look to build upon and expand into other areas and departments of the community. We thank Briggs & Associates for their wonderful program and the opportunity it has given us at Park Springs as a business.