Experience, Understand a Different Reality: Take the Virtual Dementia Tour® with Sandra Durbin

Sandra Durbin

Experience, Understand a Different Reality: Take the Virtual Dementia Tour® with Sandra Durbin

ps-sandra-durbinSandra Durbin, Director of Health Services at Park Springs, who had been certified for about ten years prior to 2014, was recently recertified as a Certified Trainer for the Virtual Dementia Tour®. 

The Virtual Dementia Tour® is a scientifically proven method of training that is designed to build sensitivity and awareness in individuals who care for those with dementia. The VDT®, currently used in eldercare communities throughout the world, was invented and designed by P. K. Beville, M.S., Founder of Second Wind Dreams®

Second Wind Dreams is an international, nonprofit organization based in Roswell, Georgia, dedicated to changing the perception of aging through the fulfillment of dreams and the offering of educational programs including its flagship, sensitivity training, the VDT®.

Virtual Dementia Tour®

The VDT® combines scholarly resources with a patented simulation method that enables caregivers to experience for themselves the physical and mental challenges that those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease face every day. More than 2 million people in 17 countries have experienced the VDT® which is now available in seven languages.

Since her initial certification, Sandra has personally trained other facilitators and conducted tours for more than 500 people throughout the United States.

“This certification allows me to not only conduct the Virtual Dementia Tour® but to also train others to be a facilitator – which then allows them to conduct tours within their own organization,” Sandra explains. “I am also able to conduct the tour to First Responders and other caregivers, and during community events to educate the general public.

Amanie Waddy, Park Springs Assisted Living Manager, also went through the facilitator training.

“At Park Springs, we will be using the Virtual Dementia Tour® as part of our staff training,” notes Sandra. “In addition, we will offer our Members the opportunity to experience the tour and so promote a better understanding of dementia. People can experience for themselves how their loved ones are affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s.”

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About P.K. Beville

P.K. Beville is the founder of Second Wind Dreams®, an international nonprofit organization based in Roswell, Georgia. A geriatric specialist and national speaker, Beville began working with elders in 1983. She has designed and implemented mental health services programs, which are currently used in more than 800 nursing homes throughout the US.


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