Family Matters: Park Springs works to stay connected to resident’s families

Family Matters: Park Springs works to stay connected to resident’s families

Here at Park Springs, we care about our resident’s families. See the letter below to see how much our community is valued by not just the residents, but those who care for them as much as we do.

Dear Lisa K,

My mother, Gail G, has lived at Park Springs for two and a half years. I have visited her many times since then for several days each visit and I want to commend certain members of your staff who, in my mind, are exemplary employees.

I particularly want to mention Allen J. as concierge. Mr. Allen is always calm, courteous, informed and ready to help with anything. He is a wonderful and welcoming presence a thte front door of the building. He ably assists the members with their interests and problems.

All of the Park Springs drivers are likewise very commendable. Maurice W. has been kind and helpful to my mother on the many occasions when he has taken her to appointments. He is always cheerful and positive. Charles, Vernard and William are also very courteous and reliable. I am very glad that my mother is able to have help from these capable men. Their enthusiasm for getting things done and their friendly, professional attitude adds a lot to the positive ambiance of Park Springs.

I think it is out of your purview, but while I am on the subject of wonderful Park Springs employees, I must mention Trina R. the housekeeper in my mother’s building who is always exemplary and of course Nancy in the dining room, who sets the tone there of cordial professional help.

I live at a distance fromAtlantaand it is a great relief to me that my mother has such wonderful employees at Park Springs to help with her daily life.

Yours truly,

Martha G.

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