FOX5 Atlanta: Senior community staffers, residents ride out pandemic together

FOX5 Atlanta: Senior community staffers, residents ride out pandemic

Beth Galvin, health reporter at FOX5 Atlanta, interviewed Donna Moore, Nadia Williams and Ginger Hansborough of Park Springs Life Plan Community regarding the decision to shelter-in-place on the 61-acre campus in order to protect 500 members. Nearly 75 staff members have volunteered to ride out the pandemic with their members.

“It became apparent to me that the single most important thing I could do would be to limit human traffic, and to lock in our campus, to lock our members in, to lock ourselves in.  And, I asked for volunteers,” said Moore, noting that no one expected to be there more than a month.

Yet six weeks later, they are still there – and it seems to be paying off. Moore says Park Springs has had no infections in their long term and memory care units.

“I didn’t think twice about it,” Williams said. “I knew I’d signed up to protect my members and lead my staff.”

Hansborough says she is committed to stay as long as she is needed. “We don’t want to hear the word ‘July,’ but if we did hear the word ‘July,’ we’ll still have the strength in numbers, the strength in our family that’s here,” Hansborough said.

“This is a story I will definitely tell for generations to come,” Williams added. “I was part of a group of people who are true heroes, in every sense of the word.”

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