“A Guide to Overcoming the Pandemic,” Seniors Housing Business

“A Guide to Overcoming the Pandemic,” Seniors Housing Business

A Guide to Overcoming the Pandemic, Seniors Housing Business

The Seniors Housing Business October/November issue featured an article by Donna Moore, COO at Isakson Living, outlining a guide to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article, Moore shares that the secret to beating COVID-19 in our senior centers may have less to do with PPE and testing, and more to do with processes, design and mission.

In March 2020, Park Springs staff locked-in with their members to protect them from the emerging pandemic. As the lock-in extended from a couple weeks to nearly three months, the Park Springs staff was able to gain a better understanding of both COVID-19 and their processes, enabling them to enter the next phase in a stronger position.

At the end of 75 days, Park Springs was successful in keeping their 500 members safe – with zero cases of COVID-19 in assisted living, memory care and long-term care. All the while, they barely touched their PPE or required campus-wide testing. Even five months after emerging from lock-in they have been successful in keeping their most vulnerable members safe from the pandemic.

Moore attributes their success to leading and learning from the ground floor, the use of the household model of relationship-based care that promotes both care and infection control, and the staff’s unwavering commitment to the Park Springs mission of loving and serving their members.

To see the full Guide to Overcoming the Pandemic, visit the Seniors Housing Business webpage here.

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