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What is a True
Continuum Of Care?

A Life Plan Community provides a Continuum of Care to support a variety of lifestyles and changing wellness needs. Within our campus you will find accommodations for Independent Living, Assisted Living, and advanced health services. This allows you to be well in the same community, no matter your needs.

A Guide to a Life Plan Community

  • 6 distinct dining venues
  • S.P.R.I.N.G., a research-based health program
  • Maintenance-free living
  • 61-acre campus with scenic walking paths
  • 40+ clubs & groups
  • Adjacent to Stone Mountain Golf Club
  • Fitness center & trainers
  • 50,000 sq ft clubhouse
  • On-site physician and wellness clinic


Housing Options Perfect For You
Park Springs makes smart-sizing easy with our maintenance-free villas, cottages, and houses. With over 30 floorplans to choose from, you are sure to find an option that’s just right for you.

Health Services at Park Springs

Park Springs offers the complete continuum of aging care services. Enjoy the same friendships in a community that can help maintain your personal wellbeing.
Continue scrolling down for more details about each service we offer.

Assisted Living at Park Springs


A Home That’s Right For You
Assisted Living at Parks Springs is all about you. Members enjoy their lives with the help of individualized as-needed assistance. We offer three specialized households with a focus on maintaining autonomy, decreasing the decline of memory, and physical limitations. We also offer the Mediterranean diet, proven to provide a level of nutrition that slows the aging process.

Park Springs Offers Three Levels of Assisted Living Care

Club Level
The Club Level offers an independent lifestyle with added security and convenience. High-functioning Members enjoy social engagement with individuals in a similar stage of life, as well as access to all Park Springs’ amenities.
River House
River House is a mentally stimulating environment for people with mild cognitive impairments. Our programs include technology supported classes to help Members improve and maintain brain function.
Farm House
Farm House is a home-inspired setting designed to support a range of physical abilities. With activities tailored to individual needs, this household enhances quality of life while supporting unique care needs.

Memory Care at Park Springs


Thoughtfully Designed to Empower
Park Springs is one of the leading Memory Care providers. Our care models prioritize the emotional and physical health of each Member, helping them to thrive despite cognitive decline. We offer two specific Memory Care households.

Park Springs Offers Two Levels of Memory Care

Garden House
Garden House is designed for those experiencing memory loss. This household focuses on memory retention and cognitive ability, helping those who are in the early stages of dementia.
Lake House
Lake House is for those with more moderate memory decline. This household offers lots of warmth and security. We care for Members in a way that helps keep them engaged with life.

Skilled Nursing at Park Springs


Compassionate Care When You Need It
Skilled nursing at Park Springs is Medicare-certified. We offer both short and long-term care overseen by a full-time Geriatrician. Members enjoy support and activity throughout the day.
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