at Park Springs


Enjoy all the perks of an independent living lifestyle with support when you need it.

Assisted Living Members have access to gourmet eateries, programs that improve and maintain physical and cognitive wellbeing, and all additional Park Springs amenities. Our expert Care Staff is available 24/7 to offer support and guidance on your wellness journey.

From preventative care to entertainment, Assisted Living has just what you need to live life at your speed.


Assisted Living at Park Springs is just like home, with a little help. Our community is designed to enhance your wellbeing with focus on memory retention, physical ability, and as-needed assistance.

We want to empower you to engage with life in new and exciting ways so we’ve designed three personalized households to meet your unique needs.


Assisted Living Activities

Assisted Living Members at Park Springs live an active and engaging lifestyle. A variety of activities, art classes, lectures, games, and fitness classes are offered daily, giving Members options for their daily routines. Below are a few examples of what Members experience at Park Springs.

Sit & Fit Exercise

Offered daily, Members can start their day with exercise and fellowship with other Members in a program tailored to their needs.

Music in the Courtyard

Join us in the courtyard to listen to music and enjoy the fresh air! Music suggestions are welcomed!

Happy Hour

Adults really do have all the fun. Members gather at our Harvest Dining Room to socialize and enjoy their favorite cocktail.

Art Circle with Yvette

Cobblestone’s Creative Arts Coordinator Yvette Hawkins guides Members through fun and accessible art activities that correlate with each person’s unique abilities.

Travelogue: Geological Wonders

Members hear from Professor Wysession’s on his criteria for choosing more than 200 different geologic wonders in nearly 120 countries.

Cornerstone Fellowship

All members of Park Springs are invited to tune in for a time of worship, singing, and praise

Brain HQ

Brain HQ is a brain fitness program that is available to those in the River Household with MCI (mild cognitive impairment). This brain fitness program includes 29 exercises that focus on improving attention, memory, brain speed, people skills, navigation and intelligence. Brain HQ will help people think faster, focus better, and remember more. It is taught on tablets via the Brain HQ app and our Recreational Therapist is the one who assists the members as they log in and go through the training on the tablets. Training sessions are available M-F for as long as the member wishes to train. It is basically brain games to help improve cognition and each member has their own login and the software tracks their progress.


Park Springs Assisted Living is in our Cobblestone neighborhood. All of these households practice the Household Model of Care, creating an environment of warmth and family between the community of Members and Care Partners. Our memory care program uses research-based methods that are shown to improve and maintain cognitive ability. Members flourish through the prolonging of independence that comes with our care programs. Cobblestone also offers a comprehensive art program that utilizes the therapeutic and strengthening effects of art. With a full-time Creative Arts Coordinator, Members are able to receive individualized projects fit for their abilities and needs.


Club Household

The Club Household offers an independent lifestyle with added security and convenience. High-functioning Members enjoy social engagement with like-minded individuals and access to Park Springs’ amenities.

River Household

River Household is a mentally stimulating environment for people with mild cognitive impairments. Our programs include activities like technology supported classes to help Members improve and maintain brain function.

Farm Household

Farm Household is a home-inspired setting designed to support a range of physical abilities. With activities tailored to individual needs, this household enhances quality of life while supporting unique rehabilitative care needs.

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